Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Loyalty, to a Journey of Giving 

- 2019/01/08

The acknowledgement of contributions is the duty of all institutions that appreciate the efforts of its affiliates who have had a prominent role in and impact on the promotion and advancement of the organization to which they belong. The College of Medicine will not forget the generous hands and creative minds that gave and toiled and left distinguished marks everywhere.  

That is why we would like to kindly ask our cherished retired colleagues, males and females, to document their distinguished journeys of giving and their significant achievements at the College, by filling out the “Loyalty to a Journey of Giving” card attached below, through which their work and achievement that added to the improvement and advancement of the academic and administrative process at the College of Medicine will be made immortal. 


Please fill out the “Loyalty to a Journey of Giving” card and send it to the email of the College of Medicine: [email protected]وفاء لمسيرة عطاء.xlsx