Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Tasks of the Deanship of Academic Development & Quality

- 2018/10/16


  1. To oversee deanship council secretariat, manage its affairs, send invitations of its meetings and implement its decisions;  
  2.  To implement rules and regulations of the university and the ministry of education;
  3.   To design, implement and follow up strategic plan of the Deanship;
  4.  To implement university council decisions regarding the deanship;
  5.  To oversee deanship academic, administrative and financial affairs.
  6.  To develop the Deanship administratively and academically.
  7. To coordinate and develop deanship relations in and outside the university;
  8.  To oversee provision of administrative and financial requirements of the Deanship;  
  9. To develop and consolidate the financial resources of the Deanship;
  10.  To oversee planning and budget set up of the Deanship;
  11. To form committees necessary to undertake deanship tasks;
  12.  To prepare regular and comprehensive report on the work process and academic and administrative performance in the Deanship;
  13. To undertake any tasks assigned by the deanship council;
  14. To represent the Deanship in and outside the university;
  15. To verify implementation of the quality standards and academic accreditation;
  16. To establish strategic partnerships with the educational institutions in and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
  17. To oversee recruiting of faculty members and experts in the field of quality and accreditation at the Deanship
  18.  To consolidate and disseminate quality concept at the level of the university;
  19.  To oversee implementation of quality and the national and international accreditation program in the university;  
  20. To study problems facing the program of development and quality in the university and propose solutions in this regard;
  21.  To oversee training activities in the deanship;
  22. To oversee plan to hone skills of the affiliates of the deanship including faculty members and administrative staff;  
  23. To oversee and follow up development and upgrading of the facilities and equipment of the deanship;
  24.  To oversee designing of the organizational structure in such manner that achieves objectives and tasks of the Deanship;  
  25.  To oversee updating of the Deanship website in the university.