Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The College Vice Deanship for Academic Development and Quality

- 2023/01/16

Main Links for the Vice Deanship of the College for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research

    An approach towards the education quality development has been lately pursued in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to working diligently to provide the needed requirements for academic accreditation so that the Saudi education becomes of high quality. This aims at improving the level of both staff and students; accordingly, some promising generations, who got their fair share of improved educational process, will be graduated in order join the labor market, effectively shoulder responsibilities and contribute to the progress of this beloved country.

    The Vice-Deanship for Academic Development and Quality, at the College of Applied Sciences, since its establishment with the purpose of gaining academic accreditation, has been dedicating all its efforts in this direction, driven by the belief that this is the main track to the success of the society and its institutions through spreading the culture of “quality and accreditation” among all the university’s affiliates, and maintaining quality in general so as to help our great university reach the level of creativity and distinction.

    Academic Development Vice-Dean Responsibilities:

    • Drafting future plans and systems for the different academic and social developments;
    • Supervising the preparation of the society service and academic-related booklets and brochures;
    • Supervising the development of scientific curricula and the overall performance of the staff, and the college’s assessment, in addition to organizing seminars, courses and workshops serving this end;
    • Supervising the supporting committees and units affiliate to the office in the male and female branches;
    • Coordinating with the Vice-Presidency for Quality and Academic Development in this regard;
    • Studying possible means of developing admission and registration procedures as well as the strategic plans and future systems;
    • Preparing a strategic plan for the College of Sciences;
    • Developing the university regulations, executive rules and internal bylaws that regulate study and exam affairs, and monitoring the quality of the output of different programs in the college;
    • Fully supervising the College of Sciences’ website, entering the e-services and relevant applications, which serve the academic accreditation.