Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Electronic Services Unit

- 2019/08/28

Duties of the Electronic Services Unit:

  1. Preparing and following up electronic forms.
  2. Preparing and following up the e-tickets with all units in order to put them into action.
  3. Preparing statistical reports on the use of e-forms and e-tickets.
  4. Using the available applications on the center's website in order to provide superior electronic services.
  5. Responding to enquiries coming from electronic forms.
  6. Updating the website and designing web pages on the center's website.
  7. Receiving statistics relative to the units, and entering them into the website and social network.
  8. Communicating and advertising through the social network subsidiary to the center's account.
  9. Highlighting the efforts of the center's employees and the achievements of the units .
  10. Communicating with the company that implemented the two systems of administrative communications and electronic archiving.
  11. Communicating with the Deanship of Information Technology.
  12. Communicating with the Deanship of Faculty Members and Employees Affairs with regard to the organizational structure.
  13. Preparing training courses, and coordinating with internal authorities at the university.

The following employee has been assigned to the Electronic Services Unit:



Head of the Unit

Munirah Muhammad Abdullah Hijji