Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The Incoming Mail Unit in the Documents and Administrative Communication Center

- 2019/04/30

The tasks of the Incoming Mail Unit in the Documents and Administrative Communication Center are as follows:

To record the incoming documents from:

• The transactions received from Saudi Mail or Express Mail Service (EMS) directed to the University Vice President and His Excellency the UQU President.

• Representatives of governmental authorities.

• Representatives of the private sector.

• Rasel System (subsidiary to Administrative Communications in the Ministry of Education).

• The form for receiving registered personal transactions issued from the center's Public Outgoing Unit.

Adherence to the following registration standards:

• All transactions are subject to preparation procedures.

• Adding the transaction topic comprehensibly and without misspellings.

• Adding a link to transactions, if available.

• Adding the transaction owner, if available.

• Choosing the classification suitable to the transaction.

• Ensuring the safe presentation of the transaction and its order according to the transaction context.

• Upon receiving a late or impending transaction, it should be sent directly to the relevant authority without going through preparation procedures.

• Preparing a weekly list of transaction topics.

• Preparing a list of appropriate new classifications.






Ibrahim Awad Al-Imiri

Head of Public Incoming Unit

[email protected]


Abdul-Qadir Muhammad Al-Adani


[email protected]


Hana' Muhammad Ba`widan


[email protected]


Ula Khalil Al-Samak


[email protected]