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Administrative Communications System Rasel (Overview)

- 2018/10/23



Overview of “Rasel” 



Providing an integrated electronic work mechanism that allows the employee to do his job with less time and effort, and works to connect all sectors, education departments and internal departments, thus contributing to reducing time and increasing production as well as easing of work tracking


The objectives of Rasel:

 * Completing work procedures, whether public, external or internal in all sectors of the Ministry, education departments and attachés.
 * The speed of implementing transactions by providing an integrated mechanism for transmission to the relevant departments. 
* Providing a quick mechanism in the search and extraction of transactions and evidence.
 * Providing a mechanism to track the transaction and know its status and history.
* Providing a mechanism for the person concerned to know the state of his transaction.
 * Improving the level of information security of transaction data and its attachments.


The advantages of the system:

* The system is a web application that makes it easy to access the system anywhere.
* The highest security standards are applied to ensure safe ingoing and outgoing transactions.
* Linkage with the active directory of the ministry, which achieves the highest degree of security on entering the system.
* Archiving and saving information easily.
* Alerts feature to alert the person concerned with the transaction by sending a short message or email.
* Ease of searching for transaction.
* Providing statistical reports that enhance the efficiency of the performance of employees and help know the achievement made.
* Easily following the transaction and knowing the procedures that have been done.
* Diversity and multiple powers in the system according to the work need.
* The system was developed internally through the Ministry of Information Technology, which facilitates the process of modification and development.
* E-Fax connectivity.

* Provide automatic delivery of transactions using tablets, and doing without paper data delivery.
* Ease of following the moment of delivering the transaction by the delegate to activate the service of automatic delivery of the transaction.



The following web browsers are supported:





Internet Explorer (v. 10 & 11) Google Chrome Safari Firefox