Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

College Departments

The main focus of the Department of Islamic Architecture (major: architecture) is to qualify a new generation of architects to be aware of the architectural outlook, and to provide them with all the necessary skills, professions and crafts related to architecture.

Starting as a department of the UQU College of Applied Sciences, the Department Electrical Engineering and Computer Science was founded in 1406H/1986. Later on, it became one of the departments of the College of Engineering and Islamic Architecture, established in 1408H/1988.

It is acknowledged that engineering is one of the most important and beneficial sciences for humanity. It is closely related to our daily life in many ways; there is hardly any field that can do without engineering (with its various branches), directly or indirectly. Civil engineering is considered

The specialization of mechanical engineering is one of the key and most extensive specializations that include all engineering applications. It covers wide technological and industrial areas, such as the design and manufacture of machines and equipment, mechanical and thermal industrial processes, p