Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs

- 2021/08/30
The Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs takes special care of the academic aspect, and cooperates with departments to creating an environment proper for the learning process, as per the highest national and international criteria. As the organizational structure shows, it is one of the college's main vice deanship. Furthermore, it is the deanship responsible for all the projects having to do with development of the academic process, and assuring good workflow, such that achieves the best possible output.

Tasks of the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs:

  • Supervising workflow of the college's academic process, and managing study affairs in line with the effective regulations and bylaws; 
  • Direct supervision over the units regulating academic affairs and development endeavors, as per the college's organizational structure;
  • Liaising between the college's departments and the Deanship of Admissions in matters related to study schedules, admission, results, etc, and managing all relevant procedures: listing, delisting, withdrawal, etc, all according to the regulating instructions;
  • Supervising the work of student committees, and non-academic activities; and 
  • Supervising induction meetings, orientation programs, and academic advising. 
  • Supervising the student training process in coordination with the various departments of the college in everything related to registration, allocation, following-up, revision of reports and providing results.

College Study Plans: