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The Third Session of the “Dialogue Sessions on Science” Program Under the Title of: “Radioactive Materials: Uses, Security, and Safety”

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Added on - 2021/04/04  |  اخر تعديل - 2021/04/04

The College of Applied Sciences, represented by the Student Council, on Wednesday evening, 18 Sha`ban 1442 A.H., held the third session of the program of “Discussion Sessions on Science”.

The third dialogue session was entitled, “Radioactive Materials: Uses, Security, and Safety”. The discussion was moderated by Dr. Abdul-Wali Muhammad Al-Ajlouni, from the Department of Physics, and Dr. Tasahil Al-Bishi, from the Department of Biology.

The event started by asking the audience questions about ionizing radiation and what is meant by radioactive materials, with the answers being discussed and corrected by Dr. Al-Ajlouni, according to physics terminology. Next, the lecturer spoke about radiation doses, radioactivity, types of radioactive materials and the difference between them, and uses of radioactive materials. This lecture was followed by Dr. Tasahil’s presentation, which tackled the biological effects of radiation, its effects and risks on cells, tissues and organs of the human body, radiation burns, and the relationship of radiation exposure to cancer.

Finally, the concepts of nuclear safety and security and their role in protecting humans from radiation risks were discussed.

The session was moderated by the President of the Student Council in the female section, the student Maha Al-Aqeel, in the presence of the Vice Dean of the College for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ismail Al-Thaqafi, and the Vice Dean for Female Student Affairs, Dr. Tahani Bawazir.

The dialogue session witnessed a distinguished presence of academic staff members and students, in which the attendees were allowed to pose questions and discuss the various themes of the meeting.

In concluding, Dr. Ismail Al-Thaqafi extended his sincere thanks and appreciation to the Dean of the College, Prof. Wael Al-Amoudi, for the follow-up and support he provided to organize such useful scientific sessions, and to the session guests for their active participation in the program. Moreover, Dr. Ismail thanked the coordinator, Ms. Israa Obaid, for her efforts in organizing the event. With this session, the "Discussion Sessions on Science" program was concluded, with the grace and guidance of Allah.