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The College of Applied Sciences Launches the Welcoming Program for New Academic Staff Members Entitled: “Welcome Back”

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Added on - 2021/03/23  |  اخر تعديل - 2021/03/23

Within the framework of achieving effective communication with academic staff members in the college, the College of Applied Sciences held a welcoming meeting, which was organized within the activities of the ‘welcoming program’ for new academic staff members for the second semester of 1442 A.H. This meeting was held remotely via the WebEx program on Saturday, 7 Sha`ban, 1442 A.H. His Excellency the Dean of the College, Prof. Wael Muhammad Al-Amoudi, launched the meeting and welcomed the new academic staff members who recently joined the college after finishing their scholarship, congratulating them on obtaining the academic degree and returning to their college. He also thanked them for their attendance and interaction. His Excellency then addressed the objectives and topics of the program and the accompanying training courses, and emphasized the essential role of the academic staff member in the quality of the academic process.

The meeting included a presentation by His Excellency the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ismail Ibrahim Al-Thaqafi, on the most important developments in the academic aspects, the rights and duties of academic staff members and students, the units at the Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs, and the academic programs at the college. Moreover, he pointed out the importance and the role of academic accreditation in the quality of the educational process.

On her part, the Vice Dean of the College for the female section, Dr. Tahani Bawazeer, talked about the administrative affairs and highlighted the importance of following up the administrative communication program (Masar) and activating the VPN service for following up remote academic advising. She also tackled the most important e-services for councils, committees, e-forms for starting work, and other supporting services. In her presentation, she touched on the supporting e-services at the college and the research grant system at the university.

The meeting also included an open dialogue, where questions were put through audio and written posts and were answered by those participating in the meeting.

The importance of this program comes within the desired goals of informing the academic staff members about academic and administrative aspects, and promoting their efficiency inside and outside the college.

The meeting ended with His Excellency the Dean of the College offering thanks to those who were in charge of organizing the program as well as the college teamwork of vice deans, heads of the departments and their deputies, and the honorable attendants.