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Faculty of Medicine wins first position in University-wide competition

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Added on - 2017/03/05  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/03/05

On Thursday, Jumada al-Thani 3rd, 1438, the Faculty of Medicine won the first position in the final ceremony of a University-wide competition.

The competition held among female students’ faculties was part of the Campaign “My University is inside Al-Haram Territory”, in its fifth round held under the slogan of “Guidance to the World”. The competition was held under the supervision of the Dean of University Studies, Dr. Hala bint Saeed Al-Amoudy, Vice Dean of Student Affairs for Activities and Student Training, Dr. Fatemah bint Abdullah Al’aydrous, and the Head of the Female Division of “Glorifying the Holy Country” Project, Mrs. Manal Al-Jabri.

The winner Faculty was awarded an outstanding Shield and a tour to the Clock Tower Museum.

The team of the Faculty of Medicine used interactive and conversational performances that aim at enhancing the feeling of glorifying Mecca and the great honor of being very close to it. It also aimed at encouraging students to follow the example of the prominent female figures in Islam, like the ladies Ā'ishah bint Abī Bakr and Khadīja bint Khuwaylid and other prominent female figure prior to Islam, like Hajar, the Wife of Abraham, and the two daughters of Prophet Shuaib.

This was led by the Supervisor of the Faculty of Medicine Student Club and the Head of the Parasitology Department, Rowaida bint Ali Bakri, and with great support from the Faculty Vice Dean, Dr. Fadwa Taher and was carried out by a group of outstanding students.