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Umm Al-Qura University

Al-Lith Health Sciences College Launches Dental Health & Safety Campaign

In cooperation with Al-Lith Education Administration, Al-Lith College of Health Sciences launched on 23rd Jumada I 1438H (20th February 2017) the Dental Health & Safety Campaign & Exhibition. The campaign, which was launched under the motto "Together for Healthy Teeth," aimed at reducing the prevalence of dental caries, and targeted educational complexes, and primary schools in the governorate. The event was attended by a number of the College’s female staff members and participated into by a number of female students at the Department of Public Health.

Dr. Tariq bin Abdullah Ahmad Dhafar, Dean of Al-Lith College of Health Sciences, explained that the campaign and its accompanying exhibition which were launched that day and continued for two years targeted more than 700 female students in the various primary grades in Al-Lith. This was because the significance of such campaign and exhibition lied in spreading awareness of oral and dental health and highlighting the active role played by the College to serve the community and the nation in all domains related to oral and dental health.  

The Dean added that the exhibition sought to attract visitors through its five corners and a variety of diagnostic pavilions. This was to illustrate the significance of dental care for children and the relation between the patient’s public and dental health, through highlighting the effects of general diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and hepatitis on teeth and gums.   

On the other hand, Dr. Liqaa bint Hassan, Vice Dean of the College at the Girls Section, demonstrated that such event was part of a series of various events and campaigns hosted by the College as a contribution to the development, service, and increase of health awareness of the individual and community.

Dr. Liqaa bint Hassan also showed that the "Together for Healthy Teeth" dental caries reduction campaign was characterized with the theme of frequent awareness through school visits to review the educational program on the significance of dental care for children.


In the same context, Dr. Liqaa bint Hassan noted that the College’s female students who organized the Exhibition attracted visitors through the variety of distinctive and purposeful awareness methods. They started with the introduction of necessary information on oral and dental health among children, through the correct way of brushing teeth. Moreover, they displayed films about the initiative. One of such films revolved around the problem, its causes and solutions, while another film displayed cartoonish models that provided messages of the initiative to children in an entertaining way. Then, children were introduced to a simple oral test to make sure that they understood the basic information of the Campaign and in order for them to win the incentive gifts.


It is worth mentioning that the College developed a strategic plan throughout the year for the launch of a series of health awareness and educational campaigns and events. This aimed to promote the dissemination of awareness among members of society, and contributed to refine the necessary skills and knowledge to convey their vision to all segments of society.