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College of Medicine (Female Section) Participates in an Awareness Program on Multiple Sclerosis

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Added on - 2020/01/01  |  اخر تعديل - 2020/01/01

The College of Medicine (female section) participated in the 'Multiple Sclerosis' activities at the college headquarters in the female section, where the Senior Consultant and Assistant Professor of Neurology at the College of Medicine, Dr. Amal Khutani, introduced the disease and explained its symptoms and methods of diagnosis.

The Vice Dean for Student Activities and Training and Assistant Professor in the Department of Community Medicine and Medical Care for Pilgrims, Dr. Nahlaa Hariri, highlighted the psychological disorders common among the infected.

On their part, the Student Club at the College of Medicine organized an awareness corner in which they provided introductory details about the disease, the methods of diagnosis, and its symptoms.

The Vice Dean of the College stated that the college undertakes its educational and preventive role by increasing community awareness about different diseases, boosting the quality of life by providing the best awareness and educational messages and observing the international days to promote health awareness. She appreciated this step which reflects the community role of the college, and also stressed the importance of actively participating in awareness-raising activities that promote health awareness among all segments of society.