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The College of Applied Sciences Hosts Representatives of Makkah General Directorate of Education and a Delegation of Secondary School Students

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Added on - 2019/11/03  |  اخر تعديل - 2019/11/03

The College of Applied Sciences, in collaboration with the Deanship of Student Affairs, represented by the Vice Deanship for Guidance, Advising, and Community Partnership, received the representatives of the General Directorate of Education in Makkah and a delegation of secondary school female students. This took place on Wednesday, 2 Rabi` Al-Awwal, 1441 A.H., under the patronage of Her Excellency the College Vice Dean, Dr. Rajaa bint Tahir Maatouq, and in the presence of  Her Excellency the Vice Dean of Student Affairs for Guidance, Advising, and Community Partnership, Dr. Amal bint Amr Kahiru Sindi.

The visit started at the office of the Vice Dean of the College, where Dr. Rajaa warmly welcomed the students, informed them of the various scientific departments of the college, and provided all the necessary information about the exams for the specialties held in various disciplines (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics). The visitors then toured the rest of the departments and units of the college.

The first location the secondary school students visited was the Department of Physics, where they were directed to the laboratories of the department to become acquainted with the different laboratories there, which comprise a total of seven laboratories. Afterwards, a few experiments were conducted on the application of the laws of motion and fluid physics, and the students also visited the Electronics and Optics laboratories as well as other laboratories. In addition, some simple experiments on collisions and how to use a simple circuit to create magnetism were demonstrated.

This stage of the tour ended at the Medical Physics Laboratory, where several experiments were demonstrated, including how to perform an EKG test. The students also visited the awareness corner for the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign presented by the Department of Physics to raise the level of educational awareness of the university students and affiliates about the disease.

‎ Next, the delegation was welcomed by the Head of the Department of Chemistry, and the students witnessed an experiment demonstrating the role of forensic chemistry. They also visited the introductory corners prepared by the supervisors of the Department of Chemistry, where the role of chemistry in health and food was explained to them.

After that, the visitors headed to the Department of Biology, where they were received by the Deputy Head of the Department. Some simple experiments were demonstrated for the visitors, such as detecting blood type and the measurement of the pH of different types of water, such as Zamzam water and sparkling water. Souvenirs were also presented to the students.

At the end of the visit, symbolic gifts were distributed to the students by the affiliates of the said departments, in addition to some awareness leaflets, which were prepared by the college students under the supervision of the professors at the departments. Moreover, leaflets delineating the vision, mission, and objectives of the college, as well as the potential career paths for the graduates were distributed.

Wrapping up the visit, the delegation extended their thanks and appreciation to the Vice Dean of the College of Applied Sciences and the Deputy Heads of the Departments for their warm welcome.