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A Research Team at the Medicine College Discovers New Medicine for Treating Epilepsy

Added on - 2016/09/29  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/09/29

A research Team at the Drug and Poisons Division at the College of Medicine conducted a new experimental scientific medical research for crafting new drugs for treating epilepsy and seizures.  The research study done at the College’s research laboratories tackles the relation between   the immune inflammatory and epilepsy. It examines the biochemistry domains taking place during the brain inflammatory interaction and the relation of the medicines preventing the inflammation and the immunosuppression medicines rats with epilepsy using blukerin with lithium.

Still, Studies and researcher have shown the immune system has a key role in the Pathophysiology for the patients with epilepsy. Thus, it is necessry that new medicine for the types of epilepsy that do not respond to the traditional medicines be discovered. The study draws on these medicines:  celecoxib, methotrexate, azathioprine and dexamethasone.

The findings of this study have shown the ability of the anti-inflammatory and immunosuppression drugs to minimize the complications of epilepsy by reducing its vital signs. This in turn increases the possibility of targeting inflammatory signs which could be new, different treatment means for the epilepsy.  .

The study was published on the “Brain Researches” a medical, world and respected journal with accredited impact factor (IF=2.856). Due to the significance of the research published, the main researcher of the study was invited to read at the International Epilepsy Conference 2016 in Rome, Italy.

Within the same vein, the College Dean, Dr. Anmar ibn Mohammed Ama’am Nasser praised the researchers’ efforts and the capabilities provided. He went on to add that the University President, Dr. Bakri ibn Ma’atuq Asa’ass supports and follows up the scientific researches and innovation done at the University’s colleges. 

The research team of the study is made up of the author and main researcher Prof. Leila Ea’azt Burham, Prof. Said Alghamidi, Dr. Ibrahim Abdul-Aziz Ibrahim, Dr. Neir Shahzad, Dr. Amal Mahfouz and Dr. Abeer Alrafa’ai. Also, four students from college of medicine six-academic year, took part in the study: they are Abdul-Rahman aAlsherief, Masha’al Khan, Ali Milibari and Basam ibn Seif.