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E-Learning Deanship Holds 2 Meetings with UQU Affiliation Program Coordinators

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- 2018/04/22

The Deanship of E-learning held a meeting with the coordinators of the UQU affiliation program on Tuesday, Shaaban 1, 1439H, at College of Community Service at Azizia Campus. The event was supervised by Dr. Khaled Al-Mutairi, the Dean of the Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Education, and Dr. Ahmed Hemed, the Vice Dean for Technical Affairs. It was also attended by Dr. Mohamed Zamzamy, the Vice Dean of the College Community Service and Continuous Education for the Affiliates Affairs.

The meeting introduced the role of the Deanship of E-learning in serving the university’s deanships and colleges to the Coordinators in the Community College. It also aimed at deepening the vision of developing the affiliation program from typical programs to be interactive electronic programs. It tackled discussing the mechanism of transferring some curricula in the affiliation program electronically through the Deanship of E-learning.

The he Vice Dean of the College Community Service was very responsive to the Deanship’s initiative. He noted that the College is ready to cooperate with the Deanship to achieve the objectives. The Deanship of E-learning will train the teaching staff members at the Community College within the coming weeks on using the e-learning portal and on how to download the educational content, prepare the e-exams and use the virtual classrooms. Moreover, the Deanship, with the cooperation of the Colleges and Departments, will develop the typical curricula to interactive electronic ones.

In the same framework, another meeting took place for the female supervisors on the affiliation program on Thursday, Shaaban 3, 1439H, on 10:30 am. It was held at the College of Community Service in Shasha, and via the closed-circuit with Al-Laith and Al-Qunfudhah. It was attended by Dr. Hanaa Yamany, the Vice Dean of the Deanship, who introduced the role of the Deanship of E-learning in serving the faculty members and students, and facilitating the educational process in a modern electronic way that copes the technological development around the world.

Dr. Yamany made a presentation for the programs and activities undertaken by the Deanship during the past period. She also mentioned that the Deanship is looking forward to cooperating with the Colleges and Deanships regarding all what may serve the university and coordinate to its development.