Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Distance Training Plan for the Academic Staff at the Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Education

- 2022/11/30



The Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Education is pleased to launch its third training program for the first semester of the academic year 1443 A.H. on the electronic assessment tools (Assessment 3). The program is meant to enhance the efficiency of the university's academic staff, raising their basic and advanced skills on the use of electronic assessment tools.

Program Objectives:

  1. Providing training for UQU academic staff on the best and correct use of the electronic assessment tools using the Blackboard Management System in the creation and management of (assignments, discussions, panels, electronic exams, oral exams, and projects).
  2. Achieving the maximum benefit in using the supportive digital tools on the Blackboard Learning System for export/copy and electronic evaluation assessments.
  3. Providing training on the mechanism of managing the Grade Center and extracting reports via the Blackboard Learning Management System.

Program Implementation Period:

The program will be held from Tuesday, 13 Rabi` Al-Awwal 1443 A.H., corresponding to 19 October 2021 A.C., to Thursday, 15 Rabi` Al-Awwal 1443 A.H., corresponding to 21 October 2021 A.C.

Training Courses and Implementation Times

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Course Title




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Creating and assessing assignments and e-exams

  • Creating assignments and e-exams.
  • Using media in creating e-exams.
  • Options on controlling online assessments and reducing /detecting cheating or plagiarism.
  • Assessing assignments and e-exams (essay questions).


19 October 2021

12 pm–1:30 pm

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Building question banks and random blocks

  • Forming and designing question banks and how to classify them.
  • Exporting and importing question banks.
  • Mechanism of using question sets and random blocks.
  • Using the question generator tool and uploading questions on the Blackboard System.


20 October 2021

12 pm–1:30 pm

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Managing the Grade Center in Blackboard

  • Understanding the important tools of Full Grade Center management (codes that appear in center, deletion or addition of columns, using creative presentation methods, using the total column to determine the relative weight of the grades).
  • Importing and exporting the Full Grade Center.
  • Downloading assignment files for all students or for a specific student.
  • Extracting grade reports.


21 October 2021

12 pm–1 pm

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Digital Guidebooks for Training on the Systems of the Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Education