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Digital Library for Training

- 2019/10/13

Digital Library for Training

The digital library for training depends on its "brief training manuals" and "training videos" on the e-Learning system, "the Blackboard", to encourage self-training of the academic staff members as well as the male and female students.

It includes several themes related to the use of the e-learning system and virtual classes system available in the university, as shown in the following table:

Themes of the Digital Library for Training

The first theme: Introducing the learning system and its main interface

1. Introducing the e-learning system, Blackboard

2. Introducing the main interface of the system

The second theme: Building the Electronic Educational Content

1. The basic standards for preparing educational content

2. How to create an educational content folder

3. How to add an educational item

4. How to add a file to the educational content

5. How to add multimedia files (audio, image, and video)

6. How to add a web link

7. How to add a video link from YouTube

8. How to add a file link on Slide Share.

The third theme: : How to create ratings

1. How to create a task

2. How to create a test

3. How to create questions bank

4. How to create a forum (panel discussion)

The fourth theme : How to use means of communications

1. Using the Ads tool

2. Using the Mail tool.

The fifth theme : The Virtual Classroom System

1. How to create a virtual classroom

2. How to manage a virtual classroom

Please begin with the following video that shows how to add items to the main menu of the study course

Brief Training Manuals


Training Videos



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