Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Strategic Goals of the Deanship

- 2018/10/16
  • Main Strategic Objective of the Deanship 

    Rooting the total quality methodology and the processes for total quality assurance, development, and improvement in academic, administrative and research systems, in addition to total quality enhancement in the performance of the University’s human and leaning resources. This is in a way that would improve its output and services in education; scientific research; and community service in order to achieve the best performance possible, supported by the attainment of national and international academic accreditation, along with emphasizing the University’s leadership, originality, and Islamic identity, and improving its international ranking.  

    General Objectives of the Deanship 

  • Making long- and short-term plans for university development and for improving qualitative quality at the University. 
  • Meeting the requirements of the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment in the Kingdom and the other global institutions that grant certificates of accreditation and quality.  
  • Developing the methods of assessment and evaluation and the levels of academic and administrative performance necessary, and making the very best use of them at the University. 
  • Contributing effectively to the administrative development of all the University’s units and administrations.  
  • Developing the different capacities and skills of human resources, for all their various levels and roles, at the University, in accordance with clear-cut plans and strategies built on in-depth studies.  
  • Providing an environment suitable for developing international cooperation between the University and other international institutions, as well as urging all the University’s units to benefit from the existent international cooperation programs and the agreements signed between the Kingdom and other countries.