Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

College Vice Dean for Hospitals and Training Affairs

- 2019/10/15


The vice deanship is directly affiliated to the Dean of Public Health and Health Informatics College, and it plays a substantial role in supervising the field training of students; as it represents a link between the College and its students on the one hand and field training facilities on the other hand. Facilities include, for example, hospitals, health centers, and various administrations of health affairs; like the General Department of Environmental Health, Occupational Health, and Epidemiological Surveillance, Health Awareness Department, Poison Control Center, and the Forensic Medicine Center, as well as the different departments of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and secretariats of the branches and municipalities. The facilities in question also include water desalination and purification plants that are affiliated to the Water Company, and public health-based facilities in the private sectors, like poultry farms and specialized food laboratories.


Leadership and excellence in providing community services, and ensuring the highest levels of training for the students in accordance with the modern scientific techniques


  • Fulfill the community health needs by providing community services through the college’s faculty members and the students
  • Offer  practical and educational training environment for students in different training facilities
  • Promote cooperation with different training facilities for the benefit of everyone


  • Coordinate and supervise training processes for students
  • Effectuate the college’s community service
  • Support and develop relations between the college and all the different training facilities
  • Strengthen scientific and practical ties with other medical colleges with regard to training

Tasks and Duties

  • Develop the quarterly and annual plan of training, and follow up its implementation
  • Supervise supporting committees and units of the Vice Deanship at the male and female campuses
  • Prepare agreements between the college and the various training facilities
  • Carry out field visits to the training facilities and acquaint the staff there with the mechanisms of training supervision
  • Write and send letters directing the students to the training facilities
  • Supervise students’ training during the field visits and the internship period at the different training facilities
  • Develop schedules of supervision at the college in coordination with department heads and supervisors, and constantly follow-up the upgrading of supervisors data
  • Monitor the performance of the training supervisors from different departments, in coordination with department heads and supervisors, with the aim of improving and developing the training process
  • Coordinate and arrange to honor officers and supervisors in different training facilities at the end of each academic year, and discuss the training issues and involve them in finding solutions to these issues
  • Coordinate with other medical colleges concerning all training aspects during the internship year
  • Create databases for all faculty members
  • Direct faculty members to different hospitals and health centers in order to initiate the community service which is an integral part of the overall mission of the college
  • Make the annual report of the vice deanship, and contribute to the annual report of the college with regard to the vice deanship’s role

Units and Committees Affiliated to the Vice Deanship

  • Student Training Coordination and Organization Unit.
  • Supervising and Following-up the Student Training Unit.
  • Student Training Evaluation Committee.