Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

College Vice Deanship for Development and Entrepreneurship

- 2019/10/15


Ever since its inception, the college vice-deanship of academic development and community service has been seeking to fulfill its mission of performance development and enhance the educational process in all college programs. The vice-deanship employs continuous improvement and assessment of performance, develops the competencies of the faculty members and the research staff, benchmarks with major universities around KSA and the world, and seeks national and international academic accreditation of the college programs, besides affiliation to the professional and scientific societies in public health and preventive medicine fields. On the other hand, it also seeks to develop and concentrate its community services, and enter into partnerships with community and service-based sectors within the area of Mecca.


The College of Public Health and Health Informatics, at Umm al Qura University, was founded by a decision of the Higher Education Council in 1432 AH corresponding to 2011 AD. The college vice-deanship of development and community service seeks to adopt the latest developments in public health fields, whether educational or related to health practices, in KSA and the whole world, through employing benchmarking and continuous improvement and development.

It also attempts to concentrate and support its community service activities, and actively contribute to all health-based events like health days and health weeks, in coordination and collaboration with all health facilities pertaining to Mecca.


To turn the College of Public Health and Health Informatics at the University of Umm Al-Qura by 1440 AH into a leading college KSA, the Arab region, and the Middle East in education and scientific research in all areas of public health, through playing an effective role in all activities related to preventive medicine, and health awareness and promotion in KSA.


The vice-deanship of academic development and community service at the college of Public Health and Health Informatics, Umm Al-Qura University, seeks to realize the following objectives:

  • Promote a culture of quality among all the college staff that it becomes a common behavior and a way of performing work for everyone.
  • Permanent and constant development of the college academic programs to keep up with the latest advancements in offering public health programs in  KSA and the world, and thus contributing to the fulfillment of the social needs and promoting the status of the Saudi community and the pilgrims.
  • Devise methods and strategies of teaching and evaluation, and think up modern and effective teaching techniques in all college programs, so as to achieve highly distinctive outcomes that could win the confidence of employers and effectively contribute to maintaining the health of the Saudi society individuals, whether locals, residents, or pilgrims.
  • Attain the national and international academic accreditation for all of the programs the college offers.

Core Values:

  1. Values of Faith

Derived from the values and ethics of our true Islamic religion, whose basis is the fear of Allah, and recognizing that He is witnessing all our deeds, as well as the Sunna of the most honored human, our Prophet Muhammad, best peace and blessings upon him, in honesty and workmanship seeking the pleasure of Allah the Almighty, our respect of the sanctity of the place, and our pursuit to promote its status in the field of education and health.

  1. Values of Work Ethics

  • Honesty
  • Honoring the responsibility that we hold
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of information
  • Observing the ethics of educators\learners
  • Social responsibility
  • Honoring intellectual property
  • Role models
  • Humane interactions among the entire staff
  1. Values of Quality and Workmanship

  • Time commitment
  • Commitment to quality standards and workmanship
  • Honoring the environment, systems, and rules of the health and educational institutions
  • Honoring and motivating creativity and excellence
  • Transparency

Duties of the Vice Dean:

  • Promote a culture of quality among the college staff
  • Plan, supervise, and monitor all of the quality improvement activities in College
  • Chair the college’s Supreme Committee of Quality and supervise all of its activities
  • Chair the national and international accreditation programs, and develop its plans and executive programs
  • Supervise the preparation and implementation of the strategic and development plans of the college
  • Supervise the implementation of technological and e-learning programs and launch websites for the faculty of the college
  • Supervise the website of the college, and observe and support its cognitive content
  • Identify the training requirements of the faculty, and coordinate with the deanship of university development and quality on that matter, as well as implement training courses for the faculty members
  • Take part in supervising, monitoring, and counseling concerning the administrative development of the college
  • Decide on issues referred to him related to development and quality

Units and Committees Affiliated to the Vice Deanship:

  • Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Unit
  • Development and Training Unit
  • Community Service Unit
  • Graduates Unit
  • Entrepreneurship Unit
  • Media and Electronic Communication Committee.