Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Department of Administrative Affairs Section (Girls Section)

- 2017/05/30


This department is concerned with managing administrative and technical affairs of the vice-deanship, such as secretarial work, correspondence, and other administrative and technical issues.


A. Office Manager:

Ms. Rania bint Seraj Zein el-Din

Main Tasks:

  • Writing letters.
  •  Arranging appointments of the vice-dean.
  •  Receiving female students and visitors, and answering their enquiries.
  • Receiving vice-dean mail and messages of congratulations.                              

B. Assistant Director of Deanship of Admission and Registration:

Ms. Abideyya bint Abdulaziz Al-Hazemy
Main Tasks:
1. Assisting the vice-dean of Admission and Registration in all administrative and regulatory affairs;
2. Organizing and assigning tasks to employees, and supporting the vice-dean in ensuring that work progresses efficiently;
3. Overseeing provision of all required services, and liaising with the parties responsible for maintenance;
4. Making sure the necessary supplies of all departments are met, and coordinating with the Department of Services and General Warehouses thereupon;
5. Following up the progress of administrative work, and measuring performance by monitoring reception points of beneficiaries;
6. Overseeing the Administrative Communications department;
7. Preparing all correspondence related to employees of the Vice-Deanship of Admission and Registration;
8. Preparing all correspondence related to administrative affairs and maintenance;
9. Submitting all vacation requests, claims and performance reports of the Vice-Deanship staff after monitoring and reviewing them;
10. Organizing the employees’ participation in the courses of the Institute of Public Administration, and notifying the competent authority of their participation;
11. Assisting the vice-dean in preparing job performance reports;
12. Participating in preparing the annual report of the Deanship of Admission and Registration.

C. Administrative Communications:

Ms. Aziza Bakr Haroon Barnawy
Main Tasks:
1. Receiving all correspondences sent to the vice-dean of Admission and Registration, and entering them into the Administrative Communications Program;
2. Sending all correspondence of the vice-dean of Admission and Registration via the Administrative Communications Program;
3. Carrying correspondence to the vice-dean Office;
4. Circulating correspondence to internal subdivisions, and following up responses;
5. Archiving all incoming and outgoing correspondence to be retrieved if need be;
6. Answering all inquiries, questions and comments related to incoming and outgoing correspondence;
7. Answering the beneficiaries' inquiries, and explaining how their transactions progress, based on the information  made available by the program;