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BA Programs

- 2018/08/24


To opt to study at UQU is one of the most important decisions a student may take in his life. The Admission Department provides all the administrative e-services that makes admission processes easier.

Students are admitted to UQU based on the assessment of their academic qualifications and educational aptitude, as per the policy and standards declared by the University.

The Admission Department applies the requirements and conditions of the UQU colleges and departments on all applicants. Modern technologies to assure that such conditions are well and justly applied, as well as to accelerate the admission processes.


  Functions of the Admission Department:

* Develop mechanisms and work processes for a better workflow in the department;

* Follow up developments in the Admission Unit systems;

* Issue University IDs for students, and make them available online at the Single Admission Portal;

* Issue University IDs to students on internal and external scholarships, as well as transferred and visiting students;

* Modify students' data based on the verified documents; and

* Respond to students inquiries related to admission.


   Admission Requirements:

  1. The student must be Saudi national, or descending from a Saudi mother (non-Saudis may apply for scholarship programs).
  2. The applicant must be holding secondary school certificate (or an equivalent) from the Kingom or abroad.
  3. he secondary-school certificate must be a recent one (not exceeding 5 years). For the Colleges of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health Sciences, the period must not be longer than 2 years.
  4. The student must pass all exams (aptitude test + summative test + English language test) organized by the National Center for Academic Assessment, if required by the desired department.
  5. The student pass any other exam or interview required by the college (recitations, judicial studies, physical education, art education, Sharia, etc.)
  6. The applicant must have not been dismissed from the University or any other university for punitive purposes.


Transfer to UQU:

The student must be Saudi national, or descending from a Saudi mother.

  • The applicant must be enrolled in a recognized foreign university.
  • The applicant must have completed at last one semester at his university.
  • The applicant must not have completed more than 6 semesters at his university, so that s/he would study no less than 60% of courses at UQU.
  • The applicant must have not been dismissed from his/her university for punitive purposes.


   Required Documents:

  • Regular attendance statement, signed by the university
  • Signed transcript
  • Copy of the National ID
  • Copy of the secondary school certificate
  • Copy of the result of the general aptitude and summative tests
  • Course outlines (syllabi): detailed description of the courses to be equivalenced.


Internal Scholarships:

Educational scholarships dedicated to foreigners with regular residence in KSA. Requests are submitted online through the Single Admission Portal at the end of each academic year. Students with high achievement shall be recommended, and submitted to the Ministry of Education for approval. The process might take up to six months. Then names of accepted students shall be published at the Admission Deanship website, so that they could complete the required procedures.


Types of Scholarships:

* Internal scholarships for KSA residents

* External scholarships for students frob abroad


Tajseer Program

Tajseer Program is meant to enable graduates of the UQU Community College holding diploma to get BA degree. The Tajseer Program consists of a year for general complementary courses, following which the specific courses of the BA major are to be studied, after meeting the Program requirements.