Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Department of Registration

- 2022/02/21

About the Registration Department

The Registration Department shall prepare a plan for each semester, before the start of the semester, with the academic departments, preparing student schedules, and another plan dealing with schedule amendments. It also follows up on registration matters with academic departments and colleges, and calculates the students' GPA scores.

Duties of the Registration Department

  1. Preparing study schedules for all university colleges, in coordination with the colleges.
  2. Arranging the placement of courses, according to the available classrooms.
  3. Linking the teaching load of faculty members to their courses, in coordination with the academic departments.
  4. Making a preliminary trial automated registration, followed by the final automated registration.
  5. Participating in preparing the academic calendar, focusing on important registration dates.
  6. Setting time plans for student registration, in proportion to the student's academic specialization and according to the student’s academic status, grade point average (GPA), and academic level.
  7. Setting the registration mechanism in a way that suits the colleges and academic departments.
  8. Following up the processes of deletion, addition and amendment through the university website.
  9. Following up the processes of deletion, addition and amendment through the academic departments.
  10. Providing the necessary services to colleges, departments, and male and female students.
  11. Preparing pre-registration statistics.
  12. Following up colleges with regard to updating study schedules, extracting feedback, and notifying the departments thereof, as well as developing appropriate proposals to address this feedback.
  13. Registering the schedules of the Joint First Year students, according to the appropriate groups.
  14. Preparing final exam schedules.
  15. Arranging the placement of final exams in the appropriate halls, as available.
  16. Registering off-plan courses and equalizing them.
  17. Canceling, merging or changing an appointment, or allowing a faculty member to change a section, in coordination with the academic departments.
  18. Registering visiting students from other universities after issuing a university number from the Admission Department, according to the applicable rules.
  19. Participating in closing the current concluding semester, calculating the GPA for students, and activating the next semester.
  20. Communicating with members of the Academic Coordination Committee.