Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Department of Graduation

- 2017/08/07

This department is responsible for managing affairs of graduates: be they graduate students who opt to proceed to postgraduate studies, or those finalizing their graduation process. It is also tasked with liaising with the concerned UQU bodies for solving pending issues, and finalizing the graduation procedures which include:

  • Issuing the graduation certificate and transcripts in both Arabic and English.
  • Reissuing lost certificates.
  • Authenticating and signing graduation certificates and transcripts.
  • Preparing statistics on the graduates and distinguished students, and submitting them to the concerned bodies.
  • Verifying data of graduates, and reviewing such data upon request.


Honor Degree:

  1. The first-class honor degree is awarded to the student who obtains a Grade Point Average (GPA) equal to or above (3.75) at graduation.

  2. The second-class honor degree is awarded to the student who obtains a Grade Point Average (GPA) from (3.25) to less than (3.75) out of (4.0) at graduation, in addition to the following conditions:

The student should not have failed in any subject throughout his study at UQU or any other university.

The student should have fulfilled all graduation requirements within a period of not more than the average between the maximum and minimum period of studying at the college.
The student should have studied at least 60% of courses required for graduation in the university, from which he will graduate.

Conditions for issuing graduation certificate:

  • Meeting all graduation requirements successfully by obtaining a Grade Point Average of not less than (1.0)  out of (4.0).

  • Printing out a Clearance Form from the student’s page on the UQU Portal and having it signed by the department, the College, the Central library,  the Deanship of Students Affairs, and the Deanship of Admission and Registration.


Obstacles hindering issuance of graduation certificate:

  • Not meeting graduation requirements (less courses than stipulated);

  • Not achieving the lowest Grade Point Average (1.0);

  • Not stamping the Withdrawal & Clearance Form from the relevant authorities.  


Procedures to re-issue a graduation certificate and an academic record:

  • Filling in a form of graduation certificate re-issuance request, with the reason specified, including:
    • Reissuing lost certificate
    • Reissuing damaged certificate
    • Modifying name (Arabic/English)
    • Modifying civil registry/ Iqama (residence) number
    • Enclosing a copy of the personal or family ID card
    • Submitting a copy of the graduation certificate or academic record, if any
    • Data recorded in the academic system will be matched to the attachments by the graduation department. In the event of conformity, modifications shall be entered.
    • Graduation documents are printed, with the reason of re-printing and editing date of the previously-issued document specified.
    • In the event of modifying the name in English, a copy of the passport should be enclosed.


Procedures to re-issue documents of the temporarily or yet-to-be affiliated colleges:

  • For re-issuance of new documents from UQU, the affiliated college should submit an official letter to the Deanship of Admission and Registration, with the following documents attached: 
    • A copy of the personal or family ID
    • The original document, or a copy thereof if the original is lost;
    • All necessary data after verification must be defined.
    • Full name in Arabic and English
    • Civil registry
    • Academic degree
    • College, Major, GPA, Grade
    • Graduation year, Edit date of the previous document
    • A CD including all data mentioned in the Clause “C” using any editing software.
  • After making sure that all documents are enclosed, the graduation department shall start to enter data into the academic system of the Deanship of Admission and Registration.
  • The new document issued by the UQU shall be printed with the edit date of the document previously issued by the College specified.
  • The document shall be sent to the college in an official letter. And a copy of the letter and all other documents, mentioned above, shall be kept in the file of the affiliated college.