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Scientific Lecture on Bacillus Bacteria Isolates by Prof Jamal Al-Hareedi

Added on - 2017/04/03  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/04/03


Within the scientific meetings organized by the College of Applied Sciences, Department of Biology held a scientific lecture on Wednesday Rajab 1, 1438 H under the title: Bacillus thuringiensis from lab to market by Prof. Jamal Al-Hareedi the lecturer at the department.  The lecture was attended by faculty members at Abdyia and female faculty members at Al-Zahir and Azizia branches.  

In the lecture, Dr. Al-Hareedi tackled the issue of isolation of various Bacillus Bacteria thuringiensis saying that tests have proven that these isolates have exclusive characteristics in killing insects transmitting dengue fever, yellow fever and red palm weevil. He added genes of these bacteria have been isolated after describing them and patent was registered in USA due to its effectiveness in insect control.  

The lecture was follwoed by scientific discussion between the attendees and the lecturer. After that, Prof. Jamal Al-Hareedi was honored for his participation in this scientific meeting.