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Students of the Biology Department at the College of Applied Sciences Participate in an Awareness Campaign for the Novel Coronavirus

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- 2020/02/23

Students from the Biology Department at the College of Applied Sciences have launched an awareness campaign in the university hub entitled: "The Novel Coronavirus: The Most Important Health Practices to Prevent the Disease".

It is worth mentioning that this activity is part of an initiative by the students of the virology and bacteriology course, section (3), under the supervision of Dr. Abdullah Safar Abdullah Al-Dhubiani, Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology, Department of Biology, to enhance the capabilities of the students in making use of their minor specializations in service of the community.

The Dean of the College of Applied Sciences, Dr. Hatim bin Muhammad Al-Tas, praised this initiative, which is in line with the vision and noble directives of the UQU President to intensify coronavirus awareness campaigns and promote the role of the scientific colleges in serving the community. He extended his thanks to the students who carried out this activity and their supervisor. The students included Ammar Yassir Hajji, Aseel Adil Al-Haij, Imad Sami Al-Yammani, Samir Muhammad Al-Hindi, Abdul-Azizi Yassir Hajji, and Siraj Zain Al-Din.