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The College of Applied Sciences Holds a Special Scientific Meeting with Prof. Iqbal Ahmad

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- 2020/02/18

Within the framework of the activities carried out by His Excellency Dr. Iqbal Ahmad, a visiting professor at the Department of Biology, College of Applied Sciences, the visiting professor gave a valuable scientific lecture entitled, "Antimicrobial Resistance: A Global Threat to Public Health".

The lecture tackled basic concepts of (mechanical) methods of antibiotic resistance. Dr. Iqbal also discussed modern alternatives that can be used, such as treatment with bacterial viruses, and using extracts from some plants. He also presented the results of a number of his own published research that addressed the use of plant extracts as an alternative to traditional antibiotics as well as anti-biofilm agents; biofilms are one of the natural environmental communities through which genes that resist antibiotics are transmitted between microbes.

Given the content of the lecture, which is a vital and important topic, and since it is considered the talk of the hour in scientific and public circles, the scientific meeting was attended by a large number of faculty members in the College of Applied Sciences, from various disciplines. There was also a distinguished presence of undergraduate students from the Department and Biology and the rest of the college departments, and some employees of the Ministry of Health.