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The College of Medicine (Female Section) Launches the World Diabetes Day

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Added on - 2020/01/01  |  اخر تعديل - 2020/01/01

The Vice Dean of the College of Medicine (female section) inaugurated the 'World Diabetes Day' event at the College of Medicine (female section), which falls on the fourteenth of November every year. The event was held under the slogan, "Protect Your Family", with the participation of the female staff and students of the college as well as the College Student Club.

The vice dean stated that the college plays its educational and preventive role through increasing community awareness of the early diagnosis of diabetes. This is to reduce the complications of chronic diseases that pose a challenge and a threat to health, raise the quality of life by providing the best awareness and educational messages, and holding world day events to promote health awareness.

The vice dean visited the awareness corner prepared for the event, which aimed to introduce diabetes, its types, causes, symptoms, complications and methods of prevention, and how to treat it in the event of having the illness, Allah forbid. She expressed appreciation for the event, which reflects the educational and preventive role of the College of Medicine. She also stressed the importance of actively participating in awareness-raising activities that will promote health awareness among all segments of society.