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Course on Augmented Reality for Secondary Female Students at E-Learning Deanship

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Added on - 2016/12/08  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/12/08

In the framework of the various programs organized by the Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Education, especially community service programs, and basically coordinated with the administrative institutions of the General Education Administration in Makkah Province, Dr. Hanaa Abdurrahim Al-Yamani, Vice Dean for E-Learning and Distance Education-Female Section, organized a course on Augmented Reality for the secondary female students (Administrative Track 28). The course continued till late at Wednesday 7th December 2016 (8th RabieI 1438H) evening. The course was presented in cooperation with Teacher/ Ruba Al-Muflih.

The course was also launched in cooperation with Makkah Districts Association, Al-Aziziyah District Female Center, under the leadership of Dr. Fatima Al-Muhajiri.

The female attendees extended thanks to the Deanship of E-Learning for its significant programs, which continued to include the latest developments in the utilization of technology in education to enhance educational output.