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UQU College of Health Sciences in Al-Leith Participates in Breast Cancer Campaign

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Added on - 2016/11/15  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/11/15

Under the supervision by, and at the headquarters of, Al-Leith General Hospital, the World Breast Cancer Day Campaign was launched on Wednesday, 25th Muharram 1438H, morning. The College of Health Sciences at Al-Leith students took part in the organization of the event. 

Dr. Tariq bin Abdullah Ahmad Dhafr, the Dean of the College, clarified that the campaign which had continued for five days comprised a number of corners and basics such as the corners of Preliminary Screening, Health Awareness, Education and Early Examination, in addition to a series of lectures. He noted that the number of participating students from the College of Health Sciences at Al-Leith in the campaign reached more than eleven students.

The Dean of the College praised the significance of cooperation with all the governmental and non-governmental health sectors according to the National Transformation Plan 2030. This aimed at the reinforcement of KSA universities' role with all branch colleges and related administrations in transferring knowledge and skills for community service with the finest recent vocational and health methods. Such cooperation was also the base for providing services and educational programs in the domain of contagious and chronic diseases, as well as instilling the notion of health into the community individuals in order to have a healthy, aware and cultured community.  

Dr. Dhafr said, "We, at the College of Health Sciences, care for the organization of and participation in all the world health days at the times identified by the World Health Organization (WHO)." He added, "Every year our celebration takes a different form, through submitting purposeful awareness topics and activities. This year, our efforts have been dedicated to awareness campaigns transfer and awareness spread to a large scale of community classes." 

It is worth mentioning that October is the month of breast cancer awareness worldwide. Breast cancer awareness is a global initiative that started to be put into action internationally in October 2006. During such initiative, sites all over the world take the pink color as a logo with the aim of spreading awareness against breast cancer hazards. Moreover, an international charity campaign is launched for the enhancement of awareness and support, in addition to the provision of information about and help against such disease. It is noteworthy that the campaign in which the College of Health Sciences at Al-Leith students participated targeted the reinforcement of the community individuals' health awareness culture and witnessed a remarkable turnout by women.