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A Delegation from the College of Public Health and Health Informatics Visits Batterjee Medical College in Jeddah

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- 2019/02/07

A delegation from UQU College of Public Health and Health Informatics visited the educational complex of Batterjee Medical College in Jeddah on Monday, 4 February 2019, within the framework of exchanging experience and learning about the educational process in the private sector.

The delegation was headed by the College Dean Dr. Ahmad Bablghaith, with participation of the Vice Dean of the College for Educational Affairs, Dr. Ali Al-Shihri, the College Vice Dean of the Female Section, Dr. Masha`il Al-Fifi, and a teaching assistant at the Department of Health Services, Mr. Umar Bauhab.

The delegation was received by Dr. Tariq Al-Harbi, the Vice Dean of Batterjee College for Quality and Development and the Head of the Department of Health Care Management. He briefed the delegation on the general plan and the design philosophy of the educational and service buildings in the complex, and how they are designed to suit the current and future needs of the college, making optimal use of space and resources and ensuring the quality of the educational process. Next, the delegation toured many classrooms, laboratories, and facilities.

The tour included a visit to the virtual hospital, and an inspection of the existing laboratories and techniques that aim at improving the educational process and its outputs.

The visit also included a meeting between the delegation and Dr. Usamah Kinsarah, Dean of Batterjee Medical College, who briefed them on the strategic direction of the college at the local and regional levels, its objectives in the future stage, and opportunities for cooperation and exchange of experience with the College of Public Health and Health Informatics.

The visit was concluded by deliberating and discussing aspects of cooperation, and how to take advantage of the ongoing development at both colleges in matters related to the development of management approaches to health services.