Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Workshop on Academic Accreditation Data Entry QAAS Guide

- 2017/12/26

Under the auspices of the Dean of College of Public Health and Informatics, a workshop titled "QAAS Supporting Data Entry for Academic Accreditation" on Monday, December 25, 2017, at the meeting hall of the dean - Azzizeya Campus. The workshop aimed to introduce faculty members to QAAS as a supporting guide for academic accreditation data entry.

The dean opened the event with a speech on the importance of academic accreditation as a strategic issue and one of the UQU's objectives.

The workshop has been presented by Eng. Tahir Gamaldin from IT-BLOCKS for QAAS app professional software. He maintained that the QAAS system aimed to improvement of quality and acknowledgment of public institutions that uphold the required quality standards in addition to guaranteeing compliance of the best international standards in all post-secondary institutions' programs in KSA. An IT quality evaluation system has been developed especially to meet the requirements of the accreditation authority, which extends to cover all best practices for programs and institutions accreditation. He also addressed QAAS app as being a self-control and self-motivation tool, highlighting the program features, accessibility, and the roles of users.

Present were the Dean of College of Public Health, Dr. Wahib bin Dakhilullah Al-Harbi, the Vice-dean of Hospital Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, the Vice-dean of Educational Affairs, Dr. Ali Al-Shahri, the Vice-dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Ayman Jouda, department supervisors, and faculty members.

Simultaneously, the event was broadcast to Meeting Hall no. 2 at Al-Zahit campus (female students' branch) in presence of the Vice-dean of Educational Affairs, Dr. Mahael Al-Fifi, and other faculty members.