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The Faculty of Health Gives a Scientific Lecture on Methods of Drug Administration

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- 2016/05/01

In continuation of its ongoing approach of taking advantage of the experience of the faculty staff in their different fields of specialization, as well as transferring expertise and knowledge, the School of Public Health and Health Informatics gave on Monday 18.07.1437 H corresponding to 25.04.2016 a scientific lecture entitled “Methods of Drug Administration”, by Dr. Dessouki Ahmed Allam, cardiac vascular anaesthesia and intensive care specialist and the assistant professor at the Health Services Department at the School of Public Health and Health Informatics, UQU. The lecture was attended by a number of the faculty staff belonging to the different UQU departments.

Dr. Allam started his lecture with listing safety considerations, including the “5 rights”, which are: the drug, dose, patient, administration method and time. He stressed the necessity of making sure of these five elements before administering the drug and to avoid medications that do not have an informative pamphlet, expired medications or those that show discoloration and turbidity.

The lecturer explained methods of drug administration and mentioned that they are venous and non-venous. He gave examples of each type. The non-intravenous method included oral administration, the gastroesophageal method and the anal method. He also gave examples of the venous method including the intravenous, intramuscular, respiratory, hypoglossal, through the skin, into the skin, below the skin and inside the bones. He also talked about the suitable circumstances, some practical procedures and execution method for each of them. Moreover, he clarified the types of drugs that are used in each method, among which are antibiotics, insulin, bronchodilators, anesthetics, pain killers and so on.

At the end of the lecture, there was a fruitful discussion between the lecturer and the audience concerning a number of the main topics, including using pumps in administering drugs, such as the temporary pumps and the protective needed procedures in some highly dangerous administration methods, such as the intravenous method and direct injection into the organs. He mentioned some safety procedures in case of injecting some allergens.