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Al-Lith Health Sciences College Organizes E-Tests open training workshop

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Added on - 2017/04/30  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/04/30

The College of Health Sciences in Al-Leith organized an "E-Tests" open training workshop to its students on Sunday, 4th Shaaban 1438H.

The workshop was held at the College's Computer Laboratory, where students were divided into groups according to their grades. Moreover, the professors of the College trained the students of each group to access UQU E-Learning Portal and to answer the e-tests.

This was followed by a practical application in which the students responded to a pilot test in one subject. As a result, the students expressed their satisfaction with the "E-Tests" system, ability to deal with it and willingness to experience the electronic tests.

On the other hand, this is considered the second training workshop organized by the College of Health Sciences in Al-Leith; the first one was for staff members. Such workshops aimed at getting ready for the application of the resolution of Dr. Tareq bin Abdullah Ahmad Dhafar, Dean of the College of Health Sciences in Al-Leith, to transform testing into the electronic system.