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Al-Lith Health Sciences College Organizes E-Tests Workshop

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Added on - 2017/04/27  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/04/27

 Dean of Al-Leith Health Sciences College Dr. Tareq bin Abdullah Ahmad Dhafar sponsored the intensive workshop titled, "E-Tests" which was launched on Wednesday, 29th Rajab 1438H (26th April 2017) at the College's Computer Laboratory. The workshop was attended by Dr. Anas bin Siraj Diblol (Vice-Dean of the College), Dr. Faleh bin Saud Al-Yazidi (Head of the Public Health Department), Dr. Asaad bin Abduljawad (Head of the Health Management Department), Dr. Muhammad bin Ahmad Fouad (Vice-Dean for Academic Development & Quality), Dr. Abdullah Samsa'a (Vice-Dean for Hospitals' Affairs), as well as the College's staff members.    

Such educational workshop was organized within the framework of the College of Health Sciences' initiative towards digital transformation and e-learning activation. It is worth mentioning that such initiative was sponsored by the Dean of the College, and supervised and implemented by the Vice-Deanships of Academic Development & Quality and Educational Affairs. Moreover, the initiative was in line with the University's approach towards the activation of the Electronic Portal.

In this context, the aim of the initiative is to keep abreast of the development of technology and its potential and to expand teaching and learning processes beyond the classroom and school environment. It also aims to provide students with the personal skills that render them more ready for studies and tests with the highest standards and the latest technologies, promote their concept of electronic transformation and encourage them to keep pace with the modern era.

Dr. Tareq Dhafar said that such scientific and practical meetings and workshops could exchange experiences either via lecturers in this workshop, or the attendance as well awhile discussing the challenges facing the College. This would be in the framework of the achievement of electronic leadership and the application of its first fruits in the tests of the current semester. All such tests in all curricula would be100% electronic, with the help of Allah.

In the same context, Dr. Dhafar invited the College's professors and department heads and assistant heads to unite and work as one team in order to fulfill the wish of the honorable leadership to transform government entities' transactions into electronic ones at all levels. He noted that such approach gained the support, care, and attention of the President of Umm Al-Qura University (UQU), Dr. Bakri bin M'atooq Assas, within the framework of the pursuit of KSA Vision2030.

On the other hand, Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Fouad, Vice-Dean for Academic Development & Quality and the implementer of such educational workshop, expressed his thanks to the College's leaders for the material and moral patronage of the workshop, and to the staff members for their response and enthusiasm. He also thanked the Deanship of E-Learning for its distinctive efforts to provide UQU colleges and staff members with technical support.