Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

College of Public Health Organizes Awareness Campaign

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- 2017/04/24

College of Public Health and Health Informatics represented by the Department of Health Education and Promotion at the females section organized an awareness campaign at Sorouh Al-Tarbia National School for girls in Makkah on Rajab 22, 1438 H corresponding to April 19, 2017.


The campaign aimed at promoting and strengthening hygiene concept in our lives, correcting misconceptions about adulthood and assisting female students to understand and confront this phase psychologically and healthily, besides encouraging them to adopt good behaviors such as  breaking late sleep habit for its negative health impacts.  Some gifts which supports the concept of hygiene including; sterilizers, shampoos and others were distributed to students.

Dean of College of Public Health and Health Informatics Dr. Waheeb bin Dakhilullah Al-Harbi explained that  the objectives of the college include community service,  awareness and reducing many diseases  affecting health of individuals and community.