Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Auditing and Review Unit

- 2016/06/08

Tasks of Auditing and Review Unit:

  • To review and audit the minutes of the councils of the colleges and sections and other formed councils in the university whose minutes require approval of the president of the university;
  • To review and audit any other decisions assigned by the president of the university for review according to the adopted rules, regulations and instructions;
  • To review the internal regulations received from the consultancy unit in terms of procedures, drafting and language;
  • To extract statistics and reports related to the work of the unit from the department program;
  • To respond to inquiries about the unit's work;
  • To participate in the committees assigned to discuss issues related to the unit's work;
  • To prepare annual reports about the activities and achievements of the unit and submit them to the supervisor general;
  • To undertake any other tasks assigned by the supervisor general.



Unit's team and Work Mechanism:

  • The team in the unit is currently composed of a head and two legal auditors. The work is distributed among them equally based on the actions required. 
  • The head of the unit refers the transaction to the relevant consultant, who studies it, prepares the necessary report, and submits the report to the head of the unit.
  • The head of the unit studies the transaction and the auditor's report and approves the final report of the unit. He then refers the transaction, together with the final report of the unit to one of the following units: consultancy unit, contracts unit, the deputy supervisor general or the supervisor general according to the case and the specialty.