Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Consultancy Unit

- 2016/06/08

Tasks of Consultancy Unit:


  • To provide legal consultation on whatever assigned to it by the supervisor general or his deputy or any of the legal department units;
  • To legally revise the internal regulations received at the legal department and refer them to the revision and auditing unit for review in terms of procedures, drafting and language;
  • To prepare decisions and circulars guaranteeing work process control in the department and the university in line with the proper order based on the directives of the supervisor general;
  • To study issues assigned by the president of the university (not included within the limit of specialization of other departments) and take the required action concerning them;
  • To extract statistics and reports related to the work of the unit from the department program;
  • To respond to inquiries about the unit work;
  • To participate in the committees assigned to discuss issues related to the unit work;
  • To prepare annual reports about the activities and achievements of the unit and submit them to the supervisor general;
  • To undertake any other tasks assigned by the supervisor general.

Unit's Team and Mechanism of work:

  • The team in the unit is composed of a number of specialists, who are providing consultation in the various legal fields. The work is distributed among them equally, based on specialty and required action. 
  • The Supervisor General refers the transaction to the relevant consultant, who studies it, prepares the necessary report, and submits the report to the head of the unit.
  • The Supervisor General approves the technical report of the legal consultant, and orders taking the necessary action.