Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Legal Consultancy Unit

- 2020/11/30

The unit undertakes the following tasks:

  1. Providing legal consultancy concerning what is assigned to the unit by the general supervisor, his assistant, or any of the legal department sections.
  2. Providing a regulatory viewpoint concerning what is sent to the legal department with regards to applications by his Excellency the President of the University, vice presidents, and different departments of the university.
  3. Participating in legal reviews for internal regulations, contracts, and agreements sent to the department.
  4. Participating in reviewing and preparing decisions and circulations which are sent to the department by relevant authorities.
  5. Studying the topics sent to the department related to administrative, financial, and legal aspects according to related regulations, bylaws, and instructions and expressing legal views concerning them.


  1. Consultative applications sent to the legal department will be sent to the unit director by the general supervisor.
  2. The director refers transactions to the relevant employee in the Consultancy Unit.
  3. If necessary, a request for the required statement is then sent.
  4. Topics are examined according to the measures pertaining to the concerned cases.
  5. The treatment suggested by the employee is referred to the director to be certified or returned for another treatment.
  6. The topic and the suggested treatment are referred to the director who will send them to the general supervisor to take suitable action.
  7. After the general supervisor approves the treatment prepared by the unit, the transaction will be referred to the administrative affairs unit to send the transaction.