Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Accomplishments of Internal Audit Administration in 1438AH

- 2018/09/09

First: The bodies whose auditing was completed the first time:

  • Information Technology Deanship.
  • Deanship of Student Affairs.
  •  Research and Consultancy Studies Institute.
  •  Community Service and Continuous Education College.
  • University Printery Administration.
  • Follow-up Administration.
  • Administrative Development Unit.


Second: The bodies whose previous internal audit work results were followed up:

  • Financial Administration.
  • Warehouses Administration.
  • Storage Control Administration.
  • Operation and Maintenance Administration.


Third: Achievements on the level of media and raising awareness about the internal audit activity:

  • The participation of the Internal Audit Administration with a work paper to present the success of Umm Al Qura University in its internal auditing experience at the first Internal Audit Forum in Makkah (21 Rajab 1438AH) - Under the sponsorship of the governor of Jeddah, Prince Mesh’al bin Majid bin Majid bin Abdulaziz.
  • Introductory meetings of the internal audit for each of the audited departments.
  • Inviting the administrations' staff to attend professional introductory workshops of the internal audit activity, its role, nature, and its relation to the administrative system.
  • Following-up and updating the internal audit page on the university's website, as well as publishing  information about the forums and the internal audit meetings and their achievements on the university’s website.


Fourth: The achievements of the training plan:

  • Three employees of the Internal Audit Administration are trained to manage the work of implementing the internal audit on the administrations of the university according to the work plan and the timetable. They are provided with communication skills, plans, procedures, reports, discussions and follow-up reports.
  • Continuing providing (six) staff members from the Internal Audit Administration with a professional training through workshops and lectures related to the activity of the internal audit unit, as well as the administrations, activities and government regulations related to the internal audit activity.
  • Training (two) staff members from the Internal Audit Administration through making them attend courses that are specialized in the field of internal audit at the professional body “The Saudi Institute of Internal Auditors” (SIIA). The training would include four courses.
  • Enrolling (five) staff members of the University in courses specialized in “Accounting of expenses of government agencies and public institutions” at the professional body “The Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants” (SOCPA).
  • Helping analyze and study the remarks and inquiries by the President of the University and the supervisory bodies.


Summary of the courses presented with the support of the Internal Audit Administration for the university staff



General Administration Institute

Osama Abdullah Al-Kheriji and Partner Company


Accounting of expenses of government agencies and public institutionscourse

Accounting of financial work at Personnel Affairscourse

Internal Control Systems 

Government Final Accountscourse 

Internal control within a sound administrative system

Number of targeted trainees







Number of attending trainees







Attendance rate