Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Accomplishments of Internal Audit Administration in 1436AH-1437AH

- 2018/09/09

First: The bodies whose auditing was completed the first time:

  • Operation and Maintenance Administration.
  •  University Security Administration.
  •  Project Management.

Second: The bodies whose previous internal audit work results were followed up:

  • Financial Administration.
  • Warehouses Administration.
  • Storage Control Administration.
  • Faculty Members and Staff Affairs Administration.    
  • Purchases and Bidding Administration.                     
  • Planning and Budget Administration                           

Third: Achievements on the level of media and raising awareness about the internal audit activity:

  • Holding the second introductory workshop for internal audit, its nature, its importance, accomplishments and plans on the level of University students and staff on 22 Jumada Al-Akhira 1437AH in the presence of the UQU President.
  • Introductory meetings of the internal audit for each of the audited administrations. The number of meetings held was 11 for 10 administrations.
  • Inviting the administrations' staff to attend professional introductory workshops of the internal audit activity, its role, nature, and its relation to the administrative system.
  • Following-up and updating the internal audit page on the university's website, as well as publishing  information about the forums and the internal audit meetings and their achievements on the university’s website.

Fourth: The achievements of the training plan:

  • Three employees of the Internal Audit Administration are trained to manage the work of implementing the internal audit on the administrations of the university according to the work plan and the timetable. They are provided with communication skills, plans, procedures, reports, discussions and follow-up of reports.
  • (Six) staff members from the Administration of Internal Audit received professional training through workshops and lectures related to the activity of the Internal Audit Unit and the administrations, activities, and government systems related to the internal audit activity. The trainees were provided with the necessary information to practice the activity of internal auditing, including government regulations of the administrations subject to the auditing.
  • (One) staff member from the Internal Audit Administration was trained through attending courses that are specialized in the field of internal audit at the professional body “The Saudi Institute of Internal Auditors” (SIIA). The training would include four courses.
  • A training workshop was held for (17) members of the staff of the administrations subject to the auditing in order to help develop these administrations and understand the role of control, risks and the internal audit. The workshop was entitled “Internal Audit Within a Sound Administrative System” presented “Osama Abdullah Al-Kheriji and Partner” Company. The workshop’s duration was five days during the period from 15 to 1 Sha’ban 1437AH.
  • Helping analyze and study the remarks and inquiries by the President of the University and the supervisory bodies.