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Training Workshop for Intensive Care Doctors, Ajyad Emergency Hospital

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Added on - 2016/12/07  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/12/07

Dr. Desouqy Allam Ahmad from the Department of Health Services Administration, College of Public Health and Health Informatics, presented a training workshop for intensive care doctors at Ajyad Emergency Hospital in Makkah on Tuesday 7th Rabi’I 1438H. 

The participation of Dr. Allam came within the College’s annual event for community services activation which targeted all community categories concerning public health issues.

The workshop discussed the regulations, conditions, requirements and methods of patient sedation in order to completely numb his/her pain, provided that he/she would remain sober, during surgeries and medical procedures inside his/her body. The doctors were trained to use the most recent medical devices for assessment of pain and sedation levels with Ramsay Scale and BIS Parameter.  

Within the same framework, and during the last two months, Dr. Allam had given three other lectures at Ajyad Emergency Hospital, under the titles:

  1. Performance Measurement
  2. Communication Skills in Medicine
  3. Method of Drug Administration

It is worth mentioning that such participations are considered part of the activities and events by which the College contributes to community service.