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Student Activities Concluding Ceremony 1438/1439H by Public Health College

Added on - 2018/05/13  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/05/13

A sports and social day was held on Tuesday, 22nd Shaaban 1439H (8th May 2018) at UQU Stadium in Al-Azizyah by the Sports and Social Committees at the College of Public Health and Health Informatics. This was under the patronage of Dr. Waheeb bin Dakheelullah Al-Harby, the Dean. In addition, the event was coordinated by Mr. Yusuf Muhammad Azhar, Supervisor of Student Clubs, and participated into by the College’s staff members, employees and students.

The event included sports matches between staff members and students. Moreover, a traditional popular dinner was organized by staff members of different nationalities who presented popular dishes of different countries.

In this context, Dr. Waheeb Al-Harby hailed the exerted fruitful efforts in the various activities presented by the affiliates of the College during the academic year 1438/1439H. He added that such efforts and activities reflected the effective role played by the College in community service.