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Health College Holds (Introduction to Prevention and First Aid) Workshop at Al-Barza Middle and Secondary School in Jeddah

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Added on - 2018/04/18  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/04/18

Stemming from the concept of community service and continuous education, and out of the desire to activate the non-profit community partnership with the Education Administration, the College of Public Health and Health Informatics held a workshop titled “Introduction to Prevention and First Aid” on Tuesday 1 Sha’ban 1439AH from 10:00 am to 11:100. It took place at Al-Barza Middle and Secondary School in Jeddah, and was delivered by CPR and First Aid Trainer, Dr. Obeidallah Al-Lihiani.

The workshop aimed to raise preventive awareness in the school environment through the concept of prevention and its types, as well applying the concept of determining job risks through a student workshop using a model prepared specifically for that purpose, to highlight the importance of preventive measures in facing some risks at schools. The first aid kit was introduced, and students were trained to deal with fainting cases and remove foreign bodies from an adult’s airway.

As the workshop came to a close, the principal of the school, Mr. Eissa Al-Ansari, extended his thanks to the Dean of the College of Public Health and Health Informatics, Dr. Wahib bin Dakhil-Allah Al-Harbi, and Dr. Obeidallah Al-Lihiani, for the fruitful cooperation to build the student’s knowledge and skills in terms of first aid to serve their families and community.