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Public Health College-Civil Defense Department Awareness Campaign 

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- 2018/03/06

Represented by the Department of Safety and the College of Public Health and Health Informatics, Umm Al-Qura University (UQU) participated with the Department of Civil Defense in the Holy Capital in an awareness campaign on the occasion of the International Civil Defense Day. The four-day campaign was organized under the slogan, "Educational Institutions and the Culture of Safety.” It was held at Makkah Mall on Thursday, 13th-17th Jumada II 1439H (1st-4th March 2018). In this regard, the campaign was launched by General Salem bin Marzouq Al-Matrefy, Head of the Department of Civil Defense in makkah. It was also participated into by Dr. Waheeb bin Dakhilullah Al-Harby (Dean of the College of Public Health and Health Informatics), Dr. Hamed Gholam (the Vice-Dean), Dr. Salahuddin Muhammad Alawna, Dr. Muhannad Qaroub, Dr. Muhammad Usama Nour, Prof. Muhammad Shah, Prof. Khaled Al-Hassany, Dr. Laila Suleiman Al-Fakky, Dr. Iman Abo-Seir, Dr. Maha Al-Hadidy, Dr. Hajar Saleh, in addition to a number of students of the College and Student Club.     

During the event, the College participated with an educational corner on laboratory safety guidelines. It included laboratory safety equipment, personal protective tools, and safety procedures during transport and storage. Another corner by the College was concerned with domestic safety; it comprised prevention of burns, poisoning, suffocation and electrical accidents. The College also set another corner about the right way to wash hands and prevent microbes, and a corner for children that included drawings for safety tools. Besides, the participation of the College included distribution of some gifts among visitors of the Mall.      

It is worth mentioning that the College participated in this campaign believing in its effective role in educating society about the principles of occupational safety and health to prevent the various dangers. At the end of the event, the College of Public Health and Health Informatics was granted a memorial shield to honor its exerted and effective efforts for the success of the campaign.