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Public Health College Visits the Disabled Children's Association in Makkah

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- 2017/12/13

The College of Public Health and Health Informatics, represented by the Students Club’s social committee, visited the Disabled Children’s Association in Makkah on Tuesday 24/03/1439, corresponding to 12/12/2017, and in the presence of Dr. Wahib bin Dakhilallah Al-Harbi, dean of the college; Dr. Hamed Ghalam, vice-dean; Dr. Ibrahim Shuaib; Dr. Salah Al-Din Mohammed Alawneh; Dr. Yousef Mohammed Azhar, supervisor of the students club and the graduates unit; and Dr. Khaled Al-Hasani, from the Public Health College, besides a number of the students.

Ms. Solaf Mohammed Hijazi presented an overview on the association, its facilities and different activities, as well as the services provided to the disabled children; starting with the reception section, where the registration process is conducted for those who meet requirements. This includes children with both mental and physical disabilities, and under the age of twelve years, either boys or girls. Also, there is the medical section that is supervised by a specialist in pediatrics and rehabilitation, and works by an integrated team of physiotherapists and rehabilitation therapy specialists and speech therapists. Also, they visited different training halls, such as water and sports halls, and classrooms classified according to the metal level.

At the end of the meeting, educational and recreational programs as well as competitions for the children were provided by the college students, who presented gifts and toys to them.

Lastly, Dr. Wahib Al-Harbi concluded the visit by presenting an honoring shield to the association, and thanked the staff for their noble work and great role towards this group of our children that need support to overcome their circumstances and be integrated in the society.