Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

College Vice Deanship and the Duties of the Vice Dean

- 2019/10/15


The College Vice Deanship supports the College's Dean. The Vice Dean acts on behalf of the Dean in case of the latter's absence or if the latter mandates the former to assume all duties of the College's Dean.


  • Advance the College through his distinguished performance reflected in speed and accuracy of processing administrative and financial transactions and also by offering the best educational services to students in different stages.
  • Advance the College's performance to keep pace with the development witnessed by the University through offering the best services to the College's teaching staff, technical staff, employees and students.


Attain leading and distinguished performance in running and managing the College's administrative and financial affairs whenever the Dean is absent or mandates him to act on his behalf.


  • Fulfill the College's requirements of national qualified cadres in areas of basic sciences and their applications.
  • Fulfill the College's requirements of research and different scientific and applied studies.
  • Offer scientific and technical services to the College's members and students in different scientific fields.

The Vice Dean's Duties:

  • To act on behalf of the College Council's Secretary, coordinate meetings by determining their date and time, receive reports from the College's departments to submit them to the Council for consideration and supervise the process of recording the meeting minutes.
  • Handle and manage the College's administrative affairs and acts on behalf of the College's Dean whenever the latter is absent or mandates him to do so.
  • Prepare and set the College's strategic plan.
  • Supervise the College's Financial Affairs Unit responsible for setting the College's budget.
  • Prepare the requirements plan of the College's teaching staff, administrative staff, technical staff, etc.
  • Be a member in the committee responsible for supervising the activities relating to the teaching fellows' admission to the College.
  • Supervise the College's Follow-Up Unit.

Units and Committees Affiliated to the Vice Deanship

  • Financial and Administrative Affairs Unit
  • Academic Staff Affairs Unit