Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Planning and administration inside the Department

- 2016/05/22

Work approach shall be determined during the periodic meeting at the beginning of each month or through emergency meeting for teaching staff members in order to follow the pace of work, and the following shall be determined within the meeting:

  1. Discussing pace of work in the Department and means for enhancing it.
  2. Distributing tasks and developments of courses and student affairs, Descriptions of different courses and future vision of the Department.
  3. Needs of the Department have to be conceived currently and in the future in order to facilitate performance of tasks.
  4. Discussing the educational process, making exams and the overall level of students and how to enhance them.
  5. Presenting subjects that are raised in the college council, especially that are related to the Department, if any.
  6. Following students reactions and their response to the instruction of general and specialized subject through constant seminars with them as well as removing obstacles before them or through performance assessment forms.


Work Areas for Media Graduate:

  • Public relations, media work in civil and governmental companies.
  • Printed, audio and visual media.
  • Electronic media means (electronic media).
  • Municipalities and civil sectors.
  • Education Departments.
  • Administrative and academic jobs in specialization field in universities.
  • Electricity
  • The cultural sector in all its forms.