Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Message from the Department Head

- 2016/06/12

Man has always shown particular interest in communication since the ancient times, seeking to communicate with his community members, and then with every person in his world. As we present the website in its new look, it is our pleasure to praise the ongoing efforts to maintain scientific, academic and educational communication, with a view to achieving the desired progress and prosperity, aiming at serving our nation, university and college. 

In this spirit, UQU has established the Mass Communication Department, at Leith University College. It aims to prepare and qualify students to be specialized in the various types of information and media studies, and hence provide the government and private organizations with highly qualified media professionals, able to highlight the bright side of our community, and embrace transparency and clarity when communicating with the public, in a manner realizing the public interest.

Through this department, we look forward to preparing well-trained media professionals, capable of working in the fields of editing, direction, publicity, public opinion measurement, and organization of media campaigns. When highly qualified, and well trained, the students will be able to contribute to the comprehensive national development that our society aspires to.

Hence arises the importance of the department of information and public relations in educational institutions. It functions as the linking point between the university and the community, and the mirror that reflects its reality. Besides, it is usually looked upon as a benchmark for measuring its activity, and success at realizing the preset objectives.


Head of the Mass Communication Program