Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Potential Career Paths for New Graduates

- 2019/11/22
  • Islamic fields: these include making Da`wah and enlightening Muslims with the noble teachings of Islam, calling non-Muslims to Islam by introducing Islam to them, humanitarian relief work, and Da`wah activities of different types, internally and externally. All these activities are to be carried out using the national languages of the addressees.
  • Media fields: these include the translation and presentation of print, audio and video materials, media work abroad, and work in the Ministry of Information and its branches and media attachés in Saudi embassies abroad.
  • Military and security fields: these include the Ministries of Defense and Interior and their branches, where linguists collect and translate information and reports for military and security purposes, prosecution and judiciary, and the work of military and security organizations abroad.
  • Diplomatic fields: these include working in Saudi embassies abroad, where mastering the language of the host country is required to facilitate diplomatic work and serve Saudi interests in those countries. Foreign language proficiency is a good qualification to work in Saudi embassies abroad.
  • International business and trade companies: there are large numbers of foreign companies operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; there are also Saudi companies dealing with foreign countries that urgently need qualified graduates to facilitate their businesses.
  • Airlines and tourism: translation has become crucial at a time when distances are easily travelled due to advanced means of transport, especially for the work of airlines and tourism offices in a country like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is a destination for millions of Muslims for Hajj, Umrah and visitors of the Prophet's Mosque. Likewise, thousands travel abroad every year.
  • Hajj and Umrah sector: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sponsors the Two Holy Mosques; the Ministry of Hajj and the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Da`wah and Guidance and their branches need large numbers of translators and language specialists to conduct the Hajj services and guide pilgrims and facilitate the pilgrimage, especially as the number of pilgrims is expected to increase after the completion of the expansion projects of the Two Holy Mosques.
  • Islamic and International Organizations: the work of international and Islamic organizations is based on the work of translators; translation is particularly important for the work of those organizations.
  • Publishers and translation houses: publishers need to translate books in international languages into Arabic or translate Arabic books into foreign languages.
  • Governmental departments and private businesses: every ministry or department, government or private, needs to deal with foreigners; as is the case with international companies, they are in need of translators and translation departments, especially hospitals, airports, passports and other government and private departments.

College graduates can work in the private sector and start their own translation offices, where they practice their profession and make a rewarding profit.

Fulfilling the community's need for live TV, where the material required depends on the translation of selected broadcasts from foreign languages, which opens up additional work prospects for graduates.